Ekta is our Creatives’ Business Mind behind Creatives For You. She’s passionate about collaborative growth and making the most out of every opportunity. She creates ways for people to work with others, never for them.

Hitesh is our Creatives’ Manager that leads our off-shore team. He keeps us all connected and looks after everything from our tech to our Creatives!

Dushyant is our Creatives’ Developer that creates things with code we could never wrap our heads around.

Jazz, Harriet, Megan and Ceri from Bath Spa University Students' Union are integral souls in growing and shaping Creatives For You. Working with them always brightens our day!

Leo is our Creatives Writer behind the words you’re reading now! He started at C4U on placement and never left.

Amar is our Creatives’ Marketer that is the brains behind the development of our marketing strategies.

Gourav is our Creatives’ Designer that has brought the graphics to life across the platform through colour coordination.